Application of Edible Gelatin in Dairy Products
2023-04-17 10:04:58

In the current food industry, edible gelatin is also widely used in dairy products. In dairy products, edible gelatin mainly plays the role of preventing whey precipitation, protecting casein, and stabilizing foam. With the improvement of people's living standards, the dairy industry expands, the supply of dairy products increases, and the demand for gelatin also increases. Here is an introduction to the role of edible gelatin in different dairy products.


1. Yogurt

Edible gelatin can be used in different types of yogurt, and its most prominent role is as a stabilizer. Gelatin can make low-fat yogurt reach a tissue state similar to high cream content yogurt, improving its acceptability. In yoghurt products, the function of gelatin molecule is to form a weak gel network structure to prevent whey seepage and separation. The stability of high strength and high melting point gelatin enables it to be used alone in yoghurt products.

2. Sour Cream

Sour cream includes three products: whole fat, low fat, and skim. Based on the fat content and desired tissue structure of yogurt, gelatin is usually combined with other stabilizers such as vegetable gum or modified starch to achieve a good appearance, smooth palatability, and good texture

3. Soft cheese

Edible gelatin can combine with water to stabilize and control whey precipitation during the production of cheese, cheese, and cheese spread. The melting point of gelatin is close to human body temperature, which gives the product a smooth and delicate taste, satisfactory flavor, and sensory properties

4. Aromatherapy milk

In recent years, flavored milk has become increasingly popular as a type of instant dessert. The combination of gelatin and other stabilizers can give this product typical elastic tissue, prevent whey precipitation, and extend product shelf life. In addition, in oil jelly and other inflatable dessert products, the use of gelatin can achieve good foaming and highly stable dispersed air bubbles, giving the product a typical appearance of whipped dessert tissue.

5. Low-fat cream

As an emulsifying stabilizer and tissue forming agent, edible gelatin is widely used in low-fat cream, margarine and other products. The products added with gelatin have sensory properties similar to those applied with cream. The stability of gelatin inhibits the destruction of emulsification during storage and application. The melting characteristics and gelatinous properties of gelatin in the mouth ensure that low-fat products have similar sensory properties and tissue states to corresponding high-fat products

Edible gelatin has a low usage in dairy products and is a relatively inexpensive ingredient. At the same time, it is an easy to use hydrophilic colloid that is easily dispersed and hydrated in dairy processing. In cases where gelatin alone cannot achieve the required product tissue state and process conditions, gelatin can be used in combination with other hydrophilic colloids (such as agar and starch), making it more widely and perfectly applicable in dairy products