2023-03-17 14:35:30
Collagen peptide can be added to skin care cosmetics, such as lotion and essence, which can cooperate with other raw materials and have good effects, so as to hold water and repair.

As an effective cosmetic ingredient, small molecule collagen peptides can moisturize the skin and give it a smooth feel.

Effective skin care products

Collagen peptides have a strong permeability to the skin, which can combine with skin epithelial cells through the stratum corneum, participate in and improve skin cells, increase the activity of collagen in the skin, maintain the integrity of the moisture and fiber structure of the stratum corneum, improve the living environment of skin cells, promote the metabolism of skin tissue, enhance circulation, and achieve the goals of moisturizing the skin, delaying aging, and beautifying.

♦ Nutrition

♦ Moisture

♦ skin whitening

♦ antioxidant

Collagen peptides used in hair care products

Hair is quite sensitive to high heat or alkaline substances, and people often blow, perm, and dye their hair when it is necessary for beauty or work. This will inevitably damage the collagen in the hair, leading to bifurcations, fractures, and even hair loss. Therefore, timely supplementation of collagen can provide sufficient nutrients for the subcutaneous tissue of the scalp to regenerate and nourish the hair, making the damaged hair soft, bright, and attractive. At the same time, collagen has moisturizing properties, making hair full of elasticity. After long-term use, it can be found that hair is smooth, smooth, and not prone to static electricity.


Wound repair products

Collagen peptides can promote the synthesis of collagen, shorten the inflammatory reaction during wound healing, promote vascular regeneration, increase local oxygen supply, and accelerate wound healing. If there is a small area of wound on the skin, pure peptide powder can be directly applied to the affected area, or peptide water can be used to clean the wound, promoting wound healing and not leaving scars easily.