Soft capsule
2023-03-17 13:55:28

Soft capsules, also known as soft capsules, have shapes such as round, oval, fish, and tube shapes. It is a preparation made by sealing oils or non water-soluble liquids or suspensions that have no solubility in gelatin in a capsule shell.

Gelatin can provide excellent filling conditions for the contents of soft capsules, effectively preventing the reaction between the capsule shell and the contents, thereby achieving biopharmaceutical properties. Currently, gelatin soft capsules are widely used in fields such as pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and cosmetics.


Flourishing Soft Capsule Products

Soft capsule products are capsules that directly encapsulate a certain amount of liquid drugs, or dissolve and disperse solid drugs in appropriate excipients to make solutions, suspensions, lotion or semi-solid, and seal them in spherical or elliptical soft capsules. The thick gelatin film can be completely airtight sealed, with high capsule strength and film blocking property, and the content can be kept stable for a long time. It is measured that the oxygen shielding property of gelatin film is more than 30 times that of polyethylene film. It is very stable for oxygen in the air and can prevent air oxidation and moisture absorption.


♦ After ingestion, the content is rapidly released, with high internal utilization and absorption rates.

♦ The content has good uniformity, and the content deviation is very low.

♦ It can mask the special smell of certain contents.